3rd floor.

Fitness supervisor details

Claire Carter.

I have been the supervisor at RM Chesterfield since 2008 and I love being in the health and fitness environment.

Improving fitness and well-being is my passion and I'm keen to help and support others to strive to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Contact details

Tel. 01246 297696

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Feeling First Class Fitness Chesterfield


As the gym manager Claire is ready to help with your programme and give it the kick start it needs, keep you motivated and offer advice on training, nutrition and general lifestyle. She is passionate about helping others so please pop by the gym and be prepared to learn more than the conventional methods. We have excellent floor space available to do bodyweight exercises, stretch, mobilise, group training, classes, and throw punches on the punch bag.

Supervised hours

Supervised for 16 hours a week.
Hours are subject to change and notice is given on the information board within the foyer of the fitness centre.


Here at Feeling First Class Chesterfield we offer: 
Personalised Programmes
Nutritional Advice
Weight Monitoring 
Fitness Classes
Re-assessments/Progress Reports
And more importantly a friendly face!

Class Timetable

Classes are free to all members, and booking is essential. 

  Wednesday Thursday
07.15 - 07.45   Low Intensity HITT
12.30 - 13.15   Circuits
12.30 - 13.00 HITT  
17.15 - 18.00 Circuits  



Join for only £3.50 per week or £15.15 per month.

Membership is payable by DV2 or Direct Debit.

How to join

Joining is simple, contact us via email or telephone to arrange a suitable date for an Induction. Please note all Inductions are carried out during the Supervised hours as displayed above.