Royal Mail Sheffield.

Fitness supervisor details

My name is Darren Shaw. I have 10 years experience within the Fitness Industry and have worked within a variety of roles from spinning instructor, HIIT trainer & Circuits. I am also a fully qualified personal trainer. I am here to help you reach your fitness goals, no matter what your lifestyle is. Book in for your free training session Try the new metabolic effect programme or the menopause weight loss programme.

Contact details

Tel. 0114 256 6752

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Feeling First Class Fitness Sheffield


Welcome to Feeling First Class Sheffield. The fitness centre is located on the top floor (next floor up from the canteen). The gym is fully equipped with quality fitness equipment to meet all of your fitness goals. Contact me today and make your appointment to join the fitness centre and get you under way for your summer body.

Supervised hours

The gym is supervised for 20 hours a week, Tuesday to Friday. Although the shifts may vary, the general supervised hours are:

Tuesday: 14:15 - 18:15
Wednesday: 09:30 - 15:30
Thursday: 14:15 - 18:15
Friday: 11:00-17:00


£3 per week or £12 per month

Payments are taken automatically from your weekly/monthly pay after completing a DV241 form alongside your membership form. There is no monthly contract and no joining fee.

How to join

Please enquire for any information regarding the Fitness Centre or to join by coming in and seeing me, by telephone on 0114 256 6752.